BHD 3.143



Among the equipment used in Lrf (light rock fishing) fishing, Jig head is one of the most important equipment that will affect your hunting performance and success.

Cultiva X-Head Jh-86 Lrf Jig Head is a proven product with both its durability and hunting. There are 2 holes on the jig head. The hole in the front can be used when throwing and pulling forward from the shore or over the pier. The stopper on the cultive jig heads is to prevent the silicone from slipping. When choosing a jig head, it is useful to consider your pasture depth, target fish and weather conditions. Cultiva jig heads are very successful in terms of range according to their weight.

Cultiva X-Head JH-86 Jig Head does not damage silicones with its sharp owner needle.

The stopper on the needle prevents the silicone from slipping. 

With its solid structure, the needles do not easily rust or break.

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