Terms & Conditions

 If you find that any of the items are damaged upon delivery, we’ll be happy to return the item and exchange it for a new one. All you have to do is let us know of the occurrence and decline to accept the item. We will not be able to refund and replace your item after we are notified of a successful delivery, so we would ask you to ensure that everything is in order on arrival.

-All duties & taxes at the delivery destination, if applicable, are to be fulfilled by the customer. Failure to pay the required customs charges may result in the order being returned to Ocean7, for which we will issue a refund, after deducting all shipping costs and administrative fees. We are not able to provide refunds for orders below BHD 50/-, however.

-Your orders have to be collected within 2 days of arrival. If you are unable to do so within this timeframe and we don’t receive any notification from you, the order is then returned to Ocean7, and we’re unable to provide refunds in these cases specifically (even if the items are in good condition).

-Ocean7 provides a standard format of invoice & a packing list. In case you require any other documents, formats or notarization for delivery, these are not included in our service and if they remain unfulfilled, the order will be returned to Ocean7, in which case we will issue you a refund after deducting shipping charges and administrative fees.

·       It is possible to cancel your order so long as we haven’t begun shipping. Once goods have been shipped, we won’t be able to accept cancellation, unfortunately.

- In the rare event that any item ordered is not available, we will contact you directly with similar alternatives to replace it. We will proceed with shipping without the item in question within 3 working days, in case we aren’t able to reach you.

- Some countries might not allow specific items due to laws or regulations, for which we will do our utmost to inform you in advance. We still recommend that you check with your customs authority before placing your order if you’re not sure, as we cannot be held responsible if any issue that occurs because of this.

- We always do our best to deliver your items on time. If there are any issues with delivery on our side, we’ll let you know first-hand, but sometimes deliveries get delayed along the way. We’re always available for you to contact us, in case you have any questions.

- If you are located outside the GCC region, send us an email with your order and we’ll be happy to provide you with a quote.


-Note: Food and hygiene products cannot be exchanged or refunded for health and safety reasons.

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