About Us

Ocean 7

For our love and passion for fishing and adventure, we have opened Ocean 7 shop to showcase all our experiences of fishing tools that we have used or used by our fishing friends in all parts of the world, by providing the best fishing tools companies that suit the Bahrain Sea and the Arabian Gulf. We pick out the tools after discussing our friends expert fishermen.

The method of selecting the goods is based on many experiences of sizes and colours that the fishermen have tried and succeeded.


Sometimes for our love of adventure we import new companies and offer our fishermen to try it out and give us the result.

Modern Fishing

Whether you're a beginner, a skilled fisherman or a fisherman for a living , you'll find what you're looking for. We've changed old fishing methods by defining modern fishing methods, such as casting and jigging.

For fun, sports and a living, we provide you with the best choice.

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